Jan 19, 1922  -  Sept 4, 2002

Day is done - Gone the sun
From the lakes - From the hills - From the sky
All is well - Safely rest - God is nigh

We, who knew him,  loved him
and wish we could have enjoyed him even longer.

If you wanted to get a reasoned, astute and fair analysis of a current, international or national situation, event, conflict, or plan, you would have wanted to contact Foster Collins. A diligent analyst of national security and political affairs and an experienced officer in the field of intelligence matters, and later an accomplished educator, he would respond to you in a most interesting and engaging way.  You knew that he would be giving you his thoughtful judgment and, probably also, a reflection of the opinions of colleagues, writers and the people involved, which would enrich his dialogue with you. He was also a compassionate friend you respected, admired, and enjoyed.     

Foster Collins, former political intelligence officer, and visiting professor in his second career, died peacefully on Sept. 4, 2002, in San Diego, CA, at age 80, after a long but intermittent battle against CIDP (a variation of a neuro-muscular disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)) and serious compromises from strokes last winter.  

We produced these memories as “Thanks” to our beloved husband / father
and so that you may smile as you learn more about his great life.